About Us

Welcome to Colesberg.info this website was started as a project and is currently run by only one person.

I built this website to showcase in my developers portfolio but along the way I realized our town needed something like this to index the local business organization and relay news via a blog and help list and promote local organized events.

This website is still in the early stages with more plans for future expansion as more people come on board and we develop our ideas and plans.

Why is this website here?

Quick explanation is just Colesberg.info exists just to provide accurate contact info of local businesses with direct links to their websites to help drive traffic to them.

We also plan on doing so blogging around local events and things to do for travelers finding themselves here in our little Karoo town.

Find the best places to eat and sleep in town.

Today Colesberg is the perfect overnight destination for anyone undertaking the journey between Gauteng and the Western Cape on the N1.

With lots of beds and places to eat in town. We hope your are greeted with the signature Karoo hospitality our area is know for.

We hope to help you find the perfect places to go to during your stay over in our small town.